Networking is essential for a more visible and efficient research. Discovering methods from another institution greatly enhances the researchers’ own skills in their field.

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Training is the key to speed up your career.

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Young researchers will shape the future of research; therefore, they deserve a say towards major stakeholders.

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  • Online Training on Personal Mastery with Merita Petäjä

    June 17, 14:00 – 15:30 CEST;

    YEAR is hosting an online training, given by Finnish psychologist and project manager Merita Petäjä. The training focuses on personal development, more specifically on Personal Mastery. Please register here.

    Training Content

    The training Tools for Personal Mastery works with the main elements

    • Focusing energy towards own goals;
    • Making decisions at the right moment;
    • Keeping the head clear and cool, seeing life objectively;
    • Accepting realities;
    • Developing resilience;

    and has the participants work through their individual development questions. For more information, see this document regarding the training.

    Trainer Biography

    Merita Petäjä works as a coach and consultant. Her main focus is helping individuals and organizations to shift in their development. She is a psychologist and a psychotherapist. She works as a project manager at Aalto University. The project is focused on study wellbeing Allwell project has got the hero badge and the education innovation award from Aalto Community. She also works as a Director of Business theater.

    Merita´s special skill is to apply psychological knowledge to inspiring others to work towards their goals. Self leadership is one of her major topics. She also combines her psychological skills with script writing and directing stories for organizations. Also organizations have stories and she and her group can tell the story so that it becomes something people want to belong to. She has published books dealing with Organizational Change and Wellbeing.

    In addition to being a psychologist, Merita has a training of a psychotherapist, coach, organizational consultant, body-therapist, Business theater director and DSA interaction trainer. Personally, one of the most life changing experience for her was the Self Compassion training by Richard Germer, where she learned the power of acceptance.

    She believes you are the creator of your own story and you can make it meaningful and flourishing..

  • YEAR Webinar: RTOs and the Fight against COVID-19

    Friday 29 May 2020 – 13-14 CET

    Webinar RTOs and the Fight against COVID-19

    In these times of COVID-19, RTOs around the world are currently developing an array of
    supporting activities in the fight against COVID-19, while having to face in parallel their own
    technology infrastructures’ operational challenges.
    Young European Associated Researchers is happy to present the webinar “RTOs and the Fight
    against COVID-19” to help you understand with some clear examples how the institutes in the
    YEAR Network have adopted their research skills, facilities, and innovation efforts to support
    government and industry in finding solutions against COVID-19.
    Register here:

    Outline of the YEAR Webinar

    In this webinar you will learn about:
    • Adequate and reliable quality control for protective materials;
    • Support for small and medium-sized enterprises in times of corona pandemic;
    • The development of an early warning system for detection of corona virus symptoms among front line medical staff at Cork University Hospital;
    • Modelling of the transport and spread of corona virus through the air in busy public indoor spaces.


    Gert Otten

    Gert Otten,  VITO Belgium

    Gert Otten is project manager of the Air Quality Management Systems research team. His research team focuses on the societal and economical need of clean air by providing local and more personalized monitoring systems in both indoor and outdoor environments. By combining innovative sensor technology and highly accurate reference equipment, they aim for a much larger spatial data set of reliable air quality data. Their specific expertise lies in the selection of the appropriate measurement strategy, intelligent data processing and analysis and in the availability of a state-of-the-art lab infrastructure for sensor validation, accurate analysis and methodology development. By assessing air quality in different micro-environments and quantifying the sources of air pollution they offer solutions to citizens, policy makers and industry to improve air quality through cost-efficient and targeted measures.

    Anders Persson

    Anders Persson, RISE Sweden

    Anders manages the SME office at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, which cross divisionally is responsible for how RISE work with SMEs and develop that ability further. Anders is a Chemist as background. Previously to working at RISE, he had a long background within the life-science and lab-tech industry and has been also working at an UK-based institute – LGC Standards, managing the Nordic operations.

    Paul Galvin

    Paul Galvin, Tyndall Ireland

    Dr Paul Galvin is Head of the ICT for Health Strategic Programmes and Head of the Life

    Sciences Interface Group at the Tyndall National Institute. Tyndall ICT4Health Strategic programme represents approximately 30% of the overall research activity of Tyndall, and the Life Sciences Interface Group in Tyndall currently comprises of 26 research staff and students, including four PIs. Dr Galvin has led several multidisciplinary national and international research projects over the last two decades, which leverage nano and ICT solutions for challenges in healthcare. Dr Galvin is a former Chair of the Medical Devices Working Group within the European Technology Platform for Nanomedicine, Leader of the Working Group on Health Monitoring Sensors within the European Sensor Systems Cluster, and a member of the ESTHER (Emerging and Strategic Technologies for HEalthcaRe).

    Aku Karvinen

    Aku Karvinen, VTT Finland

    Aku Karvinen works as a senior scientist at the VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland

    Ltd, which is a state owned and controlled company. VTT provides research and innovation services and information for domestic and international customers and partners, both in private and public sectors. Aku’s research topics include, among other things, computational fluid dynamics (CFD), indoor air quality (IAQ) and safety including simulation of spread of naturally or intentionally released person-to-person transmissible pathogens. Recently this study is concentrated on the study of COVID-19.

  • YEAR Training Webinar: Networking your way to success with Joppe Quaedvlieg

    Wednesday 29 April 2020 – 14:00-15:15 CET

    Workshop: Networking your way into success

    Creating opportunity in a time when simply showing up is not enough to create opportunities.
    More Details

Successful YEAR webinar on RTOs actions against COVID 19

We just finished our webinar about the actions that European RTOs are taking against COVID 19. With 4 interesting speakers from 4 different RTOs and about 50 participants this second webinar from 2020 was another great success!

We got insight into vary different topics that are being addressed by these RTOs. Want to know more about what European RTOs are doing against COVID 19? Check out this impressive list of projects against COVID 19 that are being done by EARTO members.

YEAR Annual Report 2019 published

Last year was an eventful year for the Young European Associated Researchers network. We visited the EARTO annual conference, held some great events in various countries, highlight being our own Annual Conference, and welcomed the Irish Tyndall National Institute as a our youngest member institute.

We captured this wonderful year in detail in our annual report. Enjoy the read!

YEAR’s tips to make the best out of your home office

Since the COVID-19 pandemic striked Europe, most of the researchers of our members institutes are working from home. We understand that this can be challenging at times. That’s why we bundled the tips and tricks given at our member institutes (AICIA, AIT, RISE, SINTEF, TNO, Tyndall, VITO, VTT) in this article.