Networking is essential for a more visible and efficient research. Discovering methods from another institution greatly enhances the researchers’ own skills in their field.

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Training is the key to speed up your career.

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Young researchers will shape the future of research; therefore, they deserve a say towards major stakeholders.

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YEAR Annual Report 2022 Published

With the end of the COVID crisis, the YEAR network could finally perform its main goal again: bringing early-career researchers together. For the first time in three years, we were able to organise our conference in September. The possibility of organising face-to-face events again, in combination with the webinar and online training programme that we developed in the previous COVID years, resulted in our most diverse set of events since the foundation of our network.

We captured the events of 2022 in our annual report, to be downloaded below.

Building Young Researcher Networks

How do you build young researcher networks? This document outlines the process to follow in creating communities for young researchers. On both national and international scale, becoming more connected is a pivotal element to enhancing creativity and innovation. We create opportunities for learning together and pave the way to striving for a better future.

Written by Colm McCaffrey (Former President of YEAR) and Nicolaas van Strien (Former Chairman of VTT Young Professionals, Board Member of YEAR)

YEAR Annual Report 2021 published

The year 2021 focused on persisting an online presence for the Young European Associated Researchers (YEAR) network. Webinars and trainings have been held online and kept the existence and purpose of YEAR clear. Hopes were up for an in-person meeting over summer, or early autumn, but unfortunately this was not yet possible.

We captured the events of 2021 in our annual report, to be downloaded below.