Networking is essential for a more visible and efficient research. Discovering methods from another institution greatly enhances the researchers’ own skills in their field.

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Training is the key to speed up your career.

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Young researchers will shape the future of research; therefore, they deserve a say towards major stakeholders.

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  • YEAR Pub Quiz

    We proudly present another great YEAR quiz. After last year’s success – pun intended – we are back with another quiz where you can show off your wit and get to know some other great young scientist from all over Europe. Subscribe here and we will put you in a quiz team with researchers from other RTOs. After getting to know each other, you will compete with your team in three short quiz rounds.

    When: January 25, 18:00-19:30
    Where: online (links provided after subscription)

    Subscription link:
    Subscription deadline: January 21, 23:59.

  • Good Feedback: Asking for it; getting it; and responding to it

    Thursday, November 18, 14:00 – 16:00 CET
    Many early-career researchers cite getting and dealing with feedback from their
    supervisors as one of the most frustrating aspects. You can wait for ages and
    when it comes it’s not what you wanted. Feedback is essential to help you make
    progress and improve the quality of you outputs. But if you just say “give me
    feedback” you are leaving it completely up to chance. So what can you do to
    ensure you get the feedback you need?
    This webinar, delivered by Hugh Kearns, will look at asking more specific
    questions and being clear about the type of feedback you want.
    The topics covered include:
    • when to get feedback
    • how to ask
    • getting timely feedback
    • feedback on writing, feedback on performance, on everything
    • written and verbal feedback
    • interpreting feedback
    • dealing with the emotional reaction to feedback
    • how to respond to feedback
    • how do you manage the feedback you didn’t want?

    Register for the webinar

    About the Speaker

    Hugh Kearns is recognised internationally as a public speaker, educator and
    researcher. He regularly lectures at universities across the world including
    lectures at Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Berkeley and Stanford.
    His areas of expertise include self-management, positive psychology, work-life
    balance, learning and creativity. He draws on over twenty five years of
    experience as a leading training and development professional within the
    corporate, financial, education and health sectors in Ireland, Scotland, North
    America, New Zealand and Australia. He has coached individuals, teams and
    executives in a wide range of organisations in the public and private sectors.
    Hugh lectures and researches at Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia. He is
    widely recognised for his ability to take the latest research in psychology and
    education and apply it to high-performing people and groups. As a co-author with
    Maria Gardiner, he has published ten books which are in high demand both in
    Australia and internationally.

  • The science behind Charisma: how to direct your audience

    Friday October 22, 2021, 9:30 – 10:30 AM CET, register here 

    Do you know Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana? It is one of the most popular
    songs in the world. At the same time it’s also one of the most misquoted songs
    of all time. Do you actually know what the song is about? How is it possible that
    a song that we do not really know what it is about became so popular? Well,
    that’s because it’s not about the content, but about the melody. The melody of
    the song has much more impact than the content of the song. And that is not
    only the case with music, scientists found this same is true for communication in
    general. The way you deliver a message has 3 times more impact than the
    content of that message. Research into this has shown which techniques
    determine how charismatic you are seen by an audience. These 12 charisma
    techniques turned out to be really strong. The have been shown to impact
    worker performance and they can even predict who will become the next
    president of America. The techniques have not only shown their impact in
    pitching, but also in presentations and the
    communication of change.

    In this Keynote Michaël will discuss some surprising experiments that were done
    that show the impact of delivery. The audience will get some clear tips and tricks
    on how to improve their charismatic speaking skills. They will also get 12
    evidence-based techniques that can be trained to influence your audience.

    Register for the webinar here

    About the speaker

    Michaël Van Damme is an experimental psychologist. In context of his PhD
    at Ghent University he studied and experimented on innovation and
    creativity in teams. Michaël has a unique expertise on the science of
    innovation in teams and organizations, group dynamics, charisma, humor
    and behavioural change. Michaël is also an experienced Keynote speaker
    throughout Europe (eg. TEDx, the London BA Conference Europe 2018,
    Technopolis Science Comedy Night, …) and has years of experience in
    improv & stand up comedy. He coaches a wide range of profiles in public
    speaking: from scientists to TEDx speakers to CEO’s of major companies.
    Michael also has often been invited as a Keynote speaker at corporate
    events on innovation and charisma (e.g. KONE, BNP Paribas Fortis, Volvo


YEAR Annual Report 2020 published

The year 2020 was turbulent for all, and no less for the Young European Associated Researchers (YEAR) network. After a live board meeting in Brussels, little before countries were locked down, we were forced to move online. On the upside, this has allowed us to increase the total number of events we organize and hence increase our reach.

We captured this unconventional year in our annual report, to be downloaded below.

Successful YEAR webinar on RTOs actions against COVID 19

We just finished our webinar about the actions that European RTOs are taking against COVID 19. With 4 interesting speakers from 4 different RTOs and about 50 participants this second webinar from 2020 was another great success!

We got insight into vary different topics that are being addressed by these RTOs. Want to know more about what European RTOs are doing against COVID 19? Check out this impressive list of projects against COVID 19 that are being done by EARTO members.

YEAR Annual Report 2019 published

Last year was an eventful year for the Young European Associated Researchers network. We visited the EARTO annual conference, held some great events in various countries, highlight being our own Annual Conference, and welcomed the Irish Tyndall National Institute as a our youngest member institute.

We captured this wonderful year in detail in our annual report. Enjoy the read!