June 12-13, 2017. Hosted by VITO, Brussels.



REGISTRATION (Closes 12th of May)

How to get there?

Renewed and improved YEAR Annual Conference 2017 – from idea to collaboration will be organized in Brussels, Belgium 12th-13th of June

Conference will be hosted by YEAR member VITO in cooperation with YoungVITO


During this 2-days event, professional trainers will give you practical tips and tools for ideation, pitching as well as collaborative and innovative thinking.

Solving the universal challenges

The whole key of the YEAR Annual Conference is to put you in a real environment so that you practice those techniques. So, in addition to training we will be benefiting our improved multidisciplinary and collaboration skills in order to solve universal challenges. The challenges are chosen from the list of UN’s Sustainable Development topics. In the registration you are asked to choose 3 most interesting ones you would like to participate solving. 5 challenges will be chosen to the conference.

There will be a briefing session organized to the participants prior to the conference.


Prior to the event, social weekend will be organized (10-11th June). During the weekend you will get to know the people participating, visit Brussels and gave a great time!


The Annual Conference will focus on personal and idea development. The conference offers young and early career researchers the opportunity to gain valuable experience and know-how in ideation, pitching, and collaborative and innovative thinking. Don’t miss the following opportunities:

  • Learn with professional trainers how to develop and and sell your ideas
  • Learn what you can do for sustainable development
  • Great platform for networking with ultra-motivated young researchers from all Europe
  • Conference is free of charge for YEAR members*
  • Last but not least, for those willing to extend their network, YoungVITO organizes a social week-end before the Annual Conference on 10-11th June

*For non-members the fee for participation is 420 euros

 If you have any questions, please, contact your local YEAR representative or send an email to contact@year-network.com