May 12, 2023, 14:00 – 15:30 CET



As YEAR we aim to bring the researchers together within our network to collaborate and develop new ideas. As we work together we do have to deal with our cultural differences as both organizations and our actual backgrounds. This training by Candida Snow, will focus on these cultural differences and will help the participants with the following:

  • examine what is culture? What is not culture? i.e. personality vs. culture,
    beyond stereotypes etc.
  • reveal how and when culture can play a role when working together
    across cultures how it affects our assumptions and judgement of what we
    consider to be normal, competent or professional behaviour.
  • to create a common platform and shared understanding within the group,
    as a basis for further discussion and sharing.

By holding a mirror up to the participants the opportunity will be there to reflect on their culturally determined perceptions of what they expect of a good colleague, leader, meeting, decision, communication etc. and how these can vary considerably across their cultures.

So come join us and let’s embrace our cultural differences!

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Disclaimer: During this training, break out rooms will be used for participants to interact with each other.


Candida Snow will facilitate the webinar on Zoom. Candida is director of Snow Culture & Communication and an expert and experienced intercultural management specialist. She has carried out various intercultural assignments for TNO since 2009. Candida is known as an engaging and expert speaker/trainer. Her clients include major multinational organisations across numerous sectors.
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