April 29, 2021, 13:00-14:00 CET

When: Thursday 29 April 2021 – 13:00-14:00 CET
Where: Online, clickmeeting (link to be provided after registration)
How to Register: REGISTER HERE

At the end of April, VTT is organizing a webinar together with YEAR. The topic is the Future of Energy. 

Today, we face numerous challenges in the energy sector in our strive to become a carbon neutral society. These challenges range from increasing energy demand, to costs and competition, to increasing efficiency and novel production methods, to licensing issues…but with great challenges, come great opportunities for development and diversification. 

Let’s gather, listen and discuss the future of energy and the global energy landscape – we’ll hear from three leading experts from across European the topics of:

  • Energy and climate strategy 
  • Role of small modular reactors in future energy systems 
  • Hydrogen society 

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See you there! 


  • 13.00  Welcome & Introduction
  • 13.05 Energy & Climate Strategy (P. Vingerhoets, VITO)
  • 13.20 Role of Small Modular Reactors in Future Energy Systems (V. Tulkki, VTT)
  • 13.35 Hydrogen Society (S. Osk Gardarsdottir, SINTEF)
  • 13.50  Open discussion
  • 14.00 Announcements & Closeout of Webinar


Stefania Osk Gardarsdottir

Stefania is a Research Manager at SINTEF Energy Research. She has a PhD in Energy Technology from Chalmers University of Technology and her nearly 10 years of research experience focuses on CO2 capture in power and industrial processes as well as in connection to hydrogen production from natural gas. Her work includes process modelling and simulations, techno-economic evaluations of CO2 capture processes and value-chain analysis of the full hydrogen and CCS chain.


Ville Tulkki

Dr. Ville Tulkki currently works as a leader of the Reactor Analysis team at VTT’s Nuclear Energy research area. He has been researching the future applications of nuclear energy, focusing on non-electric applications of small modular reactors, and coordinates the EURATOM-funded project ELSMOR, “towards European licensing of small modular reactors”. He is leading VTT’s work on conceptual design for a district heating reactor suitable for European networks, and has been forming Finnish network aiming to create business opportunities related to small modular reactors to Finnish companies. Ville’s background is in nuclear fuel analysis and he has been representing Finnish stakeholders as a technical expert in various international projects on nuclear fuel experiments, such as at the OECD/NEA Halden Reactor Project and Jules Horowitz Reactor project.

Pieter Vingerhoets

Pieter Vingerhoets received his masters in 2006 and his PhD in nuclear physics in 2011. Since then, he worked at KU Leuven – Energyville as a project manager in the field of smart grid technologies and related applications such as demandresponse. Currently, he is expert energy & climate strategy in VITO-Energyville. He analyses the design and impacts of the European legislative framework for the member states and provides policy support at regional and national level for effective and cost-efficient energy actions to reach national and European climate   goals.   He   is   an   expert   on   energy   system   modelling   and   techno-economic pathways to reach climate neutrality in 2050