March 24, 2023, 14:00 – 16:00 CET



Scientists permanently have to deliver top performance. For the vast majority this means permanently dealing with a certain stress level. Awareness of one’s own stress behavior is the first step in stress management. The online impulse is about how to develop a useful attitude in a competitive environment to remain not only among the top performers in the long term but also stay healthy and balanced. 

In this workshop training, the intentions are that the participants: 

  • Reflect their own typical stress behavior  
  • Reflect on their attitude with regard to problem focus versus solution focus 
  • Identify typical sources of relief 
  • Get to know simple tools that can help manage and/or reduce stress 
  • Learn to deal with areas of tension 

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Erika Karitnig is organizational development consultant and business coach. She holds a degree in economics from Vienna University for Economics & Business Administration and is certified for coaching and organizational development. She is senior partner and CEO of Trigon Entwicklungsberatung in Vienna, Austria.  

Erika Karitnig accompanies organizations and people in their individual development. She  

brings in her top management and leadership experience in a VUCA like environment as well  

as her scientific background, coupled with pragmatism, empathy and passion for working with  

people. She works with companies, teams, managers and (key) employees on their future  

fitness in times of (permanent) change. 

You can reach her through Trigons website and connect on LinkedIn.