April 29, 2024, 14:30-16:00 CET

Join us in our next webinar in which elaborate which sustainable initiatives our companies take part in. We plan to have speakers from SINTEF, TNO, and VITO who will share their insights regarding sustainable policies, networks and international programs they partake in. Brief topics agenda:

  1. SINTEF’s Sustainability Focus by Nils Røkke:
    • Sustainable research.
    • Sustainable operations.
    • CSR standards and reporting.
  2. TNO Sustainability Network by Paolo de Heer:
    • Making operations more sustainable and fairer.
    • Idea pitching process.
    • Achievements to date.
  3. VITO’s OnePlanet initiative by Bart Dooms:
    • Origin – orgaNisation – Endeavor – Principles – reaLisations – compAs – New ideas – nExt events – fuTure

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Nils Røkke is the Executive Vice President of Sustainability at SINTEF and President of EERA (European Energy Research Alliance). Røkke is also a member of the European ZEP (zero emission platform) Advisory Council, Co-chair of the Executive Committee of ZEP, and member of the Portfolio Board (Energy, Low Emissions and Transport) of the Norwegian Research Council (RCN). He is additionally a contributor in Forbes, writing on energy and climate issues and is also actively taking part in the public debate on the energy and climate transition. His research interests are in energy and climate strategies, renewable energy, CCS technologies and policies, climate mitigation and the European energy research community. In SINTEF, we focus on sustainability in 3 primary areas; Sustainable research, sustainable operations and CSR standards and reporting. We are concerned about our own footprint although being confident that our contributions from projects are far outweighing our own environmental footprint. The webinar presentation will focus on actions and strategies we have in these areas and hope to spur a discussion with the audience.


Paolo de Heer is a data science consultant for various domains at TNO, from the built environment and the energy transition, to the safety sector and greenhouses. His broad interests, along with a passion for sustainability and anything that can grow, translates into a drive for change and to not accept the status quo. He was a part of the inception of the TNO Sustainability Network, a grass-roots, bottom-up internal network to make TNO’s own operations more sustainable and fair. The Sustainability Network is now going into its third year, allowing anyone in TNO who has an idea to do something with sustainability (big or small), to pitch it and get direct budget to tackle that challenge with a small team. So far through the network, we have improved communications about waste sorting, decreased the environmental impact of our labs and looking into impact of our direct projects. We are looking forward to sharing, learning and connecting with like-minded groups!




Bart Dooms has dedicated nearly 14 years to VITO, transitioning through various roles including venture development, internationalization, open science, and knowledge management. Passionate about sustainability, he excels in navigating transition to a sustainable world. Bart is a driving force behind initiatives such as OnePlanet@VITO, leveraging his expertise to foster innovation and collaboration within the organization.


Origin – orgaNisation – Endeavor – Principles – reaLisations – compAs – New ideas – nExt events – fuTure

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