On the 29th of November 2016, the Council of the European Union adopted a number of conclusions under the title of “Measures to support early stage researchers, raise the attractiveness of scientific careers and foster investment in human potential in research and development”

Those Conclusions are based on the Bratislava Declaration of Young Researchers that was presented the 19th July 2016 and acknowledges the barriers that are found for early stage researchers in contributing to the scientific community at the same time that stresses the need to support early stage researchers in their careers encouraging member states to do so.

This is the result of the close collaboration among the Slovak Presidency, the European Commission and a group of motivated Young Researchers, including all of you that either answer our survey or endorsed the declaration.

The conclusions adopted by the Council represents an important first step on realise our aspirations as researchers but a lot of work is still ahead of us. Thus, if you have not do it yet, Endorse the Bratislava Declaration of Young Researchers.

For more information or if you want to be an active part in your country, contact Clara Luján.