On 29th-30th October 2015, the joint YEAR- AIT Workshop on “UAV’s for civil applications” gathered several stakeholders from the field in Vienna.

Representatives of research institutes, universities, industries, SMEs and legal organisations were present. Young researchers from the YEAR Network were an important part of the participants.

The success of this workshop, already highlighted by the participants, was further confirmed by the submission of a common project proposal, coordinated by the University of Zagreb, which was inspired and informed by the common brainstorming during the workshop. The proposal was submitted under the H2020 Call ICT-26-2016 – System abilities, development and pilot installations. Its main objective is to create and demonstrate technologies that will focus on the needs of hybrid human-robotic teams. This will produce a leap forward in command and control paradigm, thereby improving efficiency, reliability, robustness and service levels of the entire command and control socio-technical system. We will have to wait a few months for the verdict of the European Commission, but this collaboration is already per se a success YEAR is proud to report on!