October 29-30, 2015. Hosted by AIT, Vienna.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) are currently a hot topic with great potential for European and International research projects. Originally used for military purposes, UAVs can also have many civil applications. Nevertheless, they keep on fueling diverse speculations and passionate debates. Which application domains could benefit from utilising UAVs? What is the current state-of-the–art of this technology? For which civil purposes could UAV technology be of advantage? To which extent can they solve/improve them? What is their impact on the society in general and which privacy and legal aspects have to be considered?

The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology in cooperation with YEAR, the Young European Associated Researchers Network, proposes to discuss these enthralling questions in a two-day event in Vienna on 29-30 October 2015. Major stakeholders of the field representing various institutions will be invited (among them: University of Zagreb, ETH Zurich, University of Vienna, Technical University of Vienna, the Austrian Ministry of Defence) to present their progress and views on the issue. Additionally, a workshop addressing specific questions will be organised. The aim of the event is to obtain a comprehensive map of the actual research and achievements on the topic of UAVs on a European scale and to find potential synergies for future research projects. Are you willing to join?

For more information on the Workshop, please contact:

Mrs. Michela Vignoli: Michela.Vignoli@ait.ac.at or Mrs. Axelle Gasne: Axelle.Gasne@ait.ac.at