April 1, 2022, 14:00 – 15:30 CET

Register here: https://yearnetwork.clickmeeting.com/burnout/register


Research is a highly competitive environment where scientists are required to constantly perform at the top to push the limit of knowledge. Behind the curtain of exciting discoveries, the reality of stress and burnout is growing at an overwhelming rate. By raising awareness on the root causes of burnout and how we can prevent it, scientists can thrive in a healthy work environment and contribute to solving the challenges of our world towards a sustainable future for all.     

In this workshop training, our intentions are that the participants:

  • Deepen their knowledge on how to identify burnout and their root causes at work
  • Grow their self-leadership to maximize their potential
  • Develop strategies to manage stress and grow resilience
  • Become a stronger ally to cultivate wellbeing at work

Warm welcome!


Déborah Rupert is a career and wellbeing coach. She holds a PhD in biological physics and is certified by the international coaching federation. She is committed to preventing burnout and supporting researchers with tools for stress management and career clarity. She is the founder of Dear Academia, an organisation dedicated to cultivating the wellbeing of researchers and nurturing a healthy academic working environment. When she is not coaching or giving workshops, she can be found travelling around with her motorhome, walking in nature or dancing argentine tango. You can reach her through her website and connect on LinkedIn.