June 11-12, 2018. Hosted by AIT, Vienna.

Annual Conference: From idea to impact

YEAR conference 2018 will take place on 11-12 June 2018 in Vienna. The conference will be hosted by the YEAR member AIT Austrian Institute of Technology, in cooperation with Young AIT. Conference attendance is free for the researchers of YEAR member institutes!




DL for registration is 4th of May



During this 2-days event, professional trainers will give you practical tips and tools for collaboratively ideating innovative project ideas and maximising their impact. Generating impact is an important requirement for gaining H2020 funding. In our conference, you will learn and get hands-on training on how to improve the impact and dissemination planning section of your H2020 proposal.



The 2018 Annual Conference will focus on project idea generation and its dissemination to different stakeholder groups. The conference participants will collaboratively work in groups, which will be grouped according to their thematic preferences. Participants will learn to work collaboratively in a multidisciplinary environment, and to align their project ideas to global challenges, which will be chosen from the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/sdgs).


The interactive format of the Annual Conference will provide you with the opportunity to work on your pitch technique and to develop ideas with your peers. The ideation workshop will be facilitated by professional trainers. Additionally, we invited the NGO Sense about Science (www.senseaboutscience.org) to hold a workshop on “public engagement” – on how to involve the public, and communicate your findings!


SOCIAL WEEKEND On June 9th & 10th, we will explore this fabulous UNESCO world heritage site!

We will offer you a city walk, show you Viennese specialities (beyond Wiener Schnitzel!), an (optional) art museum visit, and a social dinner on Saturday followed by an introduction to the city’s nightlife!

The costs for the social weekend will be around €60, and cover all fees for the city tour, traditional Viennese cake in a coffee house, and the social dinner.



The conference offers young and early career researchers the opportunity to gain valuable experience and know-how in how to conceptualise a competitive European project. Don’t miss the following opportunities:

  • The participants will learn how to develop targeted dissemination strategies to maximise the impact of their research projects beyond academia.
  • Possibility to win the YEAR Award and a follow-up workshop.
  • Training with communication experts
  • Great platform for networking with ultra-motivated young researchers from all Europe
  • Conference is free of charge
  • Last but not least, for those willing to extend their network, Young AIT organises a social week-end before the Annual Conference on 9-10 June.


Typical participant profile

Researchers with 1 to 10 years of experience in research from all research fields, willing to enhance their skills and network in the EU H2020 and FP9 arena.


Interested? The registration is now open: REGISTER HERE!

For more information contact the YEAR Board representative at your institution

Looking forward to seeing you at the YEAR Annual Conference 2018!


YEAR Board