May 28, 2018, 12:00 – 13:00 CET

You can find the recordings of this webinar here.

By Tim Op ‘t Eyndt (iFLUX) and Koen Meuleman (UniFly)

Research is the breeding ground for a lot of disruptive ideas. But how do you bring these great ideas to a higher business level? How do you bring together the right people and financial profiles and refine your business plan?

“In the last years, VITO has learned to explore the possible business opportunities at an early stage of the research and to take these into account during the implementation of the research.”, says Walter Eevers, Director Valorisation and Strategic Partnerships.

The speakers in this webinar developed their idea into a successful start-up. They will describe their road from research to market.


  • The importance of start-ups to VITO – Bart Dooms, Venture Creation Manager at VITO)
  • From research to spin-off: 2 succes stories – Tim Op ‘t Eyndt (iFLUX) & Koen Meuleman (UniFly)
    • Personal road to spin-off
    • Challenges?
    • Tips & tricks



Koen Meuleman is co-founder and CFO of UniFly nv. Koen started working at VITO in 2003 as Project Manager of the Remote Sensing team. In 2015, he co-founded Unifly. Unifly is a software company with a platform for the safe integration of drones into the airspace. The award-winning spin-off company of VITO is specialized in aviation software development that wants to bridge the gap between manned and unmanned aviation. Their main mission is to develop software applications that facilitate drone traffic in the very-low-altitude airspace. The focus is always on safety for all stakeholders involved. The Unifly UTM platform connects authorities with pilots to safely integrate drones into the airspace. Authorities can visualize and approve drone flights and manage no-fly zones in real-time. Drone pilots can manage their drones and they can plan and receive flight approvals in line with international and local regulation.


Tim Op ‘t Eyndt took the opportunity and challenge to start up iFLUX together with Goedele Verreydt in 2016. After 8 years of Business Development Management at the research group of Environmental Management, he was ready to cross ‘the valley of death’ himself and to successfully launch the iFLUX spin-off. iFLUX offers a proven innovative measurement solution to explore the motion of groundwater pollution. The patented technology in combination with the specific data interpretation methodology guarantees a more accurate and complete view of water and pollution movement beneath the surface. These detailed insights enable customers to reduce the cost of total contaminated site remediation. iFLUX aims to help safeguard our precious land by envisioning the dynamics of the earth’s subsurface. The innovative technology will trigger the shift from traditional concentration based measurements to flux measurements in contaminated land management.