May 3-4, 2016. Borås, Sweden.

YEAR and SP organize a YEAR seminar in Sweden on material durability in buildings and infrastructures, including offshore.

This two-day YEAR Seminar gathers young professionals with a specific interest in subjects related to improving material for buildings and infrastructure, including, but not exclusive, offshore applications. The goal is to provide an opportunity to learn more about ongoing and future activities as well as grow the professional network within the field in Europe.

To provide a good start for collaborative discussions, the seminar topic is based on the specific Two-Stage H2020-call H2020-NMBP-2016-2017.

The challenge:

Durability is a key criterion for materials in many applications and environments. Longer performing materials can strongly reduce overall life time costs, such as lower usage costs through reduced maintenance and shorter service interruptions. Costs may also be reduced in the production phase (raw materials, energy, transport, formability), in the installation phase, and the materials may be more appropriate for end of life reuse/recycling. Typical applications requiring excellent long term durability and high reliability are buildings, marine applications and infrastructures including off shore. In many applications, operational durability needs to be better understood, particularly for innovative products which have no demonstrated long term performance. Durability has to be evaluated both theoretically and in real installation conditions (including within challenging environments when relevant) as these may influence final product performance.

Seminar Brochure

If you are interested in joining, please contact your YEAR representative.

For questions, please contact Martin Zelan (