The YEAR conference 2019 will take place on 27-28th of May 2019 in Gothenburg, Sweden. The conference will be hosted by the YEAR member RISE Research Institutes of Sweden. Conference attendance is free for the researchers of YEAR member institutes!

Programme (updated 07/05/2019)

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During this 2-days event, professional trainers will give you practical tips and tools for collaborative innovative project ideas. In the conference, you will learn and get hands-on training on how to improve your individual and team innovation behaviors and establish cross-functional teams with higher probability for impact. The event aims to create a unique international, intersectoral and interdisciplinary environment, in view of proposing solutions for major societal challenges.

Training – The 2019 Annual Conference will focus on creating high performing innovation teams. The conference participants will collaboratively work in groups, which will be grouped according to their thematic preferences. Participants will learn to work collaboratively in a multidisciplinary environment, and to align their innovative ideas to global challenges, which will be chosen from the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The interactive format of the Annual Conference will provide you with the opportunity to practice on and improve on the following skill sets;

  • Problem finding & Problem solving (e.g. Association, the power of Randomness and Networking)
  • Experimentation (e.g. Hypothesis validation, Backcasting from Dream project & Dream results) and Failing well

The workshop sessions will be facilitated by professional trainers from Pollen.

Why signing up?

The conference offers young and early career researchers the opportunity to gain valuable experience and know-how in innovative behaviors and how to conceptualize a competitive European project. Don’t miss the following opportunities:

  • The participants will learn and actively train their skills for collaboratively ideating innovative project ideas.
  • The participants will be challenged to leave their comfort zone, while relying on each other to develop solutions, by way of problem finding and testing ideas towards results.
  • Training with professional experts in how to create high performing innovation teams.
  • Great platform for networking with ultra-motivated young researchers from all Europe.
  • The conference is free of charge.
  • Last but not least, for those willing to extend their network, RISE organizes a social weekend before the Annual Conference on 25-26 May.

Social Weekend – on 25-26th of May we will explore the city of Gothenburg

Join us in an exploration of Gothenburg, the city where you feel the breeze from the sea and where the old meets the new. Gothenburg is top ranked in the Global Destination Sustainability Index. During these two days we will offer you a city walk through the cosy old neighborhood of Haga as well as a stroll in the central parts. We will take a tour in the Gothenburg archipelago and show you some Swedish specialties. A social dinner will be held on Saturday evening. The cost for the social weekend will be around €60. You can register here.

Typical participant profile Researchers with 1 to 10 years of experience in research from all research fields, willing to enhance their skills and network in a European context.

Venue, hotel recommendation and practical info

Practical information about transportation and hotel recommendation can be found here.I

For more information, contact the YEAR Board representative at your institution.

Looking forward to seeing you at the YEAR Annual Conference 2019!

YEAR Board